Do what you got to do. Let's do it together.

Join the training and learning industry revolution.

We are Warp VR - an investors backed start-up with strong traction, big potential and even bigger ambitions. Time is shifting, and the way we manage the waste of time becomes increasingly important. That is where we see the opportunity. VR training that enables training in real life scenarios whenever and where-ever, for everyone. 

More and more companies and even retailers, cinemas, and pharmacies deal with them: disrupters who are able to uncover the shortest possible route to the consumer. The same applies when training and educating people, so we are looking for people who want to play on this field for keeps, who want to disrupt. Or rather, lead.

About us

Warp VR's mission is to train every professional worldwide through "story-based immersive learning." At its core, we bring situations to people, so people no longer need to go to a situation. An evacuation training in an airplane hangar? A bank robbery at a local bank? Imagine it, make it, and play it, with 8 people, 8000 people, or even many more!

Our product - a SaaS VR training platform for story-based real-life training - is already widely by customers like Shell, KLM, NS, Erste Bank and that is just the tip of the ice-burg of the professional learning market.

The team is young, dynamic, and expanding. We are planning major national and international expansion. This means guaranteed dynamics, maintaining control, and that we are looking for someone who can perform in a "grey" place where the playbooks still have be written, can innovate and inspire.

Use cases

 These are some of the screenshots of VR training scenarios created with Warp Studio. More demos and short videos of the experiences themselves you can find here.